Treatrush (HEALTH-F2-2010-242013) is a European Collaborative project - supported by the European Commission.

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TREATRUSH (TreatRetUsher) is the name of a European research network, which aims at treating and fighting the blindness caused by Usher syndrome.


What is Usher syndrome?

Usher syndrome is the most frequent cause of monogenic inherited sensory disorder associating profound  deafness and leading to blindness due to the retinal degeneration (retinitis pigmentosa). This dual sensory deficit that affects young individuals is an extreme disability.

Its prevalence is estimated at 1 out of 25,000 individuals. Its mode of transmission is autosomal recessive.



European Union Women Innovators Prize 2014.

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Download here the guidance EUSAT for Usher patients' clinical and molecular diagnosis


The Treatrush-leaflet to download here


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